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South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

The Law Office of Natlie G. Figgers, LLC. prides itself on keeping its clients constantly informed about their cases. Natlie G Figgers are always available for questions, both day and night. Call us now for a free consultation to discuss your potential claims. Natlie G Figgers are here to help.

(Miami Personal Injury Lawyer – Miami Car Accident Lawyer)

Practice Areas

Attorney Natlie G. Figgers takes into consideration local particularities in order to provide the best legal advice.

Our Satisfied Customer

Natlie pays attention to the small details that others might miss. As my attorney, she was very organized, on time, and on top of every paperwork/appointment. A Judicial process is already stressful but I can’t imagine how much more stressed I would have been if I did not have such a great attorney in my corner. I highly recommend you hire attorney Natlie if you’re looking for legal advice. Thank you!


Natlie is a Certified Attorney! her attention to detail was immaculate. She was on top of every appointment or deadline we had to meet. Having to be in and out of court can be very stressful and anxiety inducing but after every appointment, mediation, etc, I felt more and more alleviated and confident with the person I choose to represent me. If I was an attorney, I would not be able to measure up to Attorney Natlie’s skills…not even close. I’m so grateful that I’ve found an attorney for life. Thank you for all you do and for your advocacy and encouragement.